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USA Made Corvette Weatherstrip Kits

USA Made Corvette Weatherstrip Kits
USA Weatherstrip has the soft & supple feel of original style latex weatherstrip with the superior durability of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber.
• EPDM boasts longer life span over original latex weatherstrip.
• Dipped “Latex” finish for superior appearance out of the package.
• Eliminate Air Whistles & Water Leaks
• Made in America — support American Workers!
• Available for C1-C4 Corvettes
• 5 Year Warranty on all USA Made Weatherstrip!

1953-1962 Weatherstrip
1953-1962 Weatherstrip Kits - USA Made

1963-1967 Weatherstrip
1963-1967 Weatherstrip Kits - USA Made

1968-1982 Weatherstrip
1968-1982 Weatherstrip Kits - USA Made

1984-1996 Weatherstrip
1984-1996 Weatherstrip Kits - USA Made

Weatherstrip Tools & Adhesive
Weatherstrip Tools & Adhesive

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Import Weatherstrip Kits