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We Manufacture the Best Corvette Door Panels!

Each and every Corvette Door Panel we make represents the culmination of decades of research, refinement and manufacturing experience. Corvette America Door Panels are crafted with a strict attention to detail and fidelity to your Corvette’s original panels so you get an exact reproduction with the correct fit and finish.

Our Door Panels feature correctly contoured felts, pre-cut backing to make it easier to install hardware, and door panel trim pieces that fit correctly. Our manufacturing facility in Reedsville, Pennsylvania, is stocked with the finest raw materials so our interior components are always accurate in color and feature the correct texture, grain and trim for your particular year.

We utilize cutting edge technology, reducing waste and cost, blended with hands-on technique, care and inspection courtesy of Corvette America’s highly experienced manufacturing team. At Corvette America we strive to make each door panel with the world-class craftsmanship and the strict attention to detail that your Corvette deserves.

1956-1957 Mounted Door Panels
1956-1957 Deluxe Door Panels
1958 Door Panels w/o Upper Supports
1958 Door Panels w/ Upper Supports
1958 Deluxe Door Panels
1959-1961 Door Panels w/o Upper Supports
1959-1961 Door Panels w/ Upper Supports
1959-1961 Deluxe Door Panels
1959-1962 Leather Door Panels
1962 Door Panels w/o Upper Supports
1962 Door Panels w/ Upper Supports
1962 Deluxe Door Panels

1963-1964 Door Panels w/o Upper Supports
1963-1964 Door Panels w/ Metal Upper Supports
1963-1964 Deluxe Panels w/ Supports & Trim
1963-1964 Leather Deluxe Door Panels
1965-1967 Door Panels w/ Supports & Felts
1965-1967 Deluxe Door Panels

1968 Door Panels w/ Door Handle Insert
1968 Deluxe Door Panels
1969 Door Panels w/ Comfortweave Insert & Felt
1969 Deluxe Door Panels
1970-1976 Standard Door Panels
1970-1976 Door Panels w/ Felt
1970-1976 Deluxe Door Panels w/ Walnut Insert
1976 Deluxe Door Panels w/ Teak Insert
1977 Standard Door Panels
1977 Door Panels w/ Felt
1977 Deluxe Door Panels
1978-1982 Door Panels
1978-1982 Leather Door Panels
1982 Collector Edition Door Panels

1984-1989 Standard Door Panels
1984-1989 Deluxe Door Panels
1990-1993 Door Panels
1994-1996 Door Panels

1997-2004 Door Panels