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Corvette Convertible Tops

All Corvette America Convertible Tops are manufactured with these original features:
• Electro-Sealed Seams for air-tight comfort
• Strong, 40 ounce factory-grade material
• Clear, high-visibility windows
• All Convertible Tops include an 8 Year Warranty!

Kee Auto Top has been manufacturing high-quality convertible tops in Charlotte, NC for almost 50 years. They utilize high-tech processes along with a team of highly skilled craftsman to achieve a fit and finish that is second to none. This is why we offer Kee Auto Tops to our customers. All Convertible Tops include an 8-Year Warranty!

Convertible Tops - Dated
1959-1962 Convertible Tops - Dated
1963-1967 Convertible Tops - Dated
1968-1975 Convertible Tops - Dated

Convertible Tops
1956-1962 Convertible Tops
1963-1967 Convertible Tops
1968-1975 Convertible Tops
1986-1993 Convertible Tops
1994-1996 Convertible Tops
1998-2004 Convertible Tops
2005-2013 Convertible Tops

Components & Hardware
1953-1962 Softtop Frames
1956-1962 Softtop Deck Lid Latch
1956-1962 Softtop & Deck Lid
1956-1962 Softtop Header Latches
1956-1962 Softtop Mount Brackets
1956-1962 Convertible Top Lid Tabs
1956-1975 Convertible Top Components
1963-1967 Convertible Deck Lid Trim Strips
1963-1967 Softtop Frames & Components
1963-1967 Softtop Header Latches
1963-1967 Softtop Rear Latch
1968-1982 Softtop Components
1986-1996 Deck Lid
1986-1993 Convertible Top Conversion Kit

Care & Cleaning Products
1956-1993 Convertible Rear Window Pillow
1956-2013 Deck Protectors
RaggTop Vinyl Protectant & Cleaner
RaggTopp Fabric Top Cleaner and Protectant