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2005 2013 Brake Pads & Rotors Kit, Hawk Talon Street Kit, Cross Drilled & Slotted w/Performance Ceramic (PC) Pads, Front, Base Model

Photo of 56311
photo of part 56311
Part # UM Price
56311 KT $326.99


- Superior automotive casting material
- Design & performance characteristics validated through extensive dyno testing
- CNC Programmed balanced
- Precision milled slots to significantly reduce harmonic resonance issues
- Maintains a clean pad surface and expel away debris
- Coating barrier applied that superior corrosion resistance and ensures quick and easy bed-in that resists galling

- Aggressive torque
- Smooth and predictable braking feel
- Great rotor and pad wear life
- Consistent brake release characteristics
- Operating Temperature: 100-1200F

Made in the USA

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