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1962 Door Panels. Black Metal Support

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436220 PR $429.99

Corvette America crafts all 1962 Corvette Door Panels on CORRECT reproduction door panel backs. That means greatly improved quality, superior fit and the highest value for your restoration dollar!

Panels include pre-installed Metal Upper Support. Just transfer your existing door panel trim and hardware. Sold in pairs.

1962 Corvette Owners, Please Note: When ordering 1960, 1961, or 1962 door panels, select code 20 for the original Olive Black Tuxedo carpet strip at the base of the panels. If you order or have 100% black carpet (vs. original Olive Black) and want door panels with matching carpet strips, select code B1.

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These Door Panels Have The Correct Olive Green Carpet That Was
Used By The Factory.