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1975 Embroidered Leather Seat Covers. Black Leather/Vinyl Original

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419520E PR $699.99

Now you can have your Seat Covers EMBROIDERED with your choice of Corvette Logo. For 1972-1978 Interiors we start with Exact Reproduction Leather Seats (where small pieces of vinyl are used in the seat’s construction as original) then add the GM-Licensed Embroidered Logo of your choice. All sets include 2 backs and 2 bottoms.

Note: To complete your order, add the 4-digit Embroidery Code for the Crossflags Embroidery of your choice.
Orders for Embroidered Seat Covers are considered "Special Orders." We do not accept returns on Special Orders except for material defects and quality issues. If you are unsure of the color and/or logo you wish to order, please call one of our Sales Reps for assistance at 800-458-3475.

Logo options:
#4351 - 68-76 Crossflag Embroidery
#4352 - 77-79 Crossflag Embroidery
#4353 - 1980 Crossflag Embroidery
#4354 - 1981 Crossflag Embroidery
#4355 - 1982 Crossflag Embroidery
#4356 - 1982 Collector Edition Embroidery

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Specify choice of embroidered logo by adding one of these part
numbers to your order; #4351 1968-76, #4352 1977-79, #4353 1980,
#4354 1981, #4355 1982, #4356 1982 Collector Edition.