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A Special Announcement
Corvette America's
Top Flight Account Program
Corvette America is pleased to present the new Top Flight Account Program. The Top Flight Account Program is designed for the Corvette owner doing a major rebuild or restoration on their Corvette, or for someone who owns and/or works on multiple Corvettes.
The Advantages of Membership
Receive Special Pricing
Once a member, you will receive special Top Flight Pricing on every order you place for 12 months.
Extended Membership
Once your orders hit a certain yearly amount, your Top Flight Account membership is automatically extended for another 12 months. It's that easy!
Order for Many Corvettes
Order for your Vette(s) or a friend's using your Top Flight Account. The more you use it, the more you save!
For Members Only
Top Flight Account Members are notified of exclusive offers and additional savings opportunities. Exclusive offers are sent directly to your account's email.
Your projects can fly with Corvette America.
Call to learn more today.
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