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PRICES have been REDUCED for September!
Corvette America's Car Covers are trusted by Generations of Corvette owners.

Premium Flannel only $129

Premium Flannel

Trusted by thousands of Corvette owners worldwide, Corvette America's Premium Flannel Cover effectively pampers your Corvette in a thick, double-napped layer of superior protection! 100% breathable and mildew resistant with mirror pockets for a great fit. Free storage bag.

The Wall only $84

The Wall

Put the "Wall" around your Corvette and keep it safe from the rain, snow, ice, tree sap, dirt and debris that nag outside parkers. Utilizes an advanced 3-layer design that stands up feature for feature with pricier covers, but costs you less. Year-specific fit features elasticized hem and deep mirror pockets for a glove-like fit and any easy-as-a-breeze installation. Comes complete with a FREE Storage Bag, Cable, and Cable Lock.

MaxTech only $75


Sun, snow, rain, or sleet - when it comes to superior and affordable outdoor protection, the MaxTech Car Cover gives you the most for your dollar! Features four layers of protection, front and rear elastic, custom fit mirror pockets, non-scratch tie-down grommets, and Comes complete with storage bag, cable, and cable lock. Blocks out moisture, dirt, and pollutants while letting air pass through! Comes in an attractive gray finish.

EconoTech only $42


On the street, in the backyard, at a show, or in the garage, only Econotech from Corvette America provides such dependable, year-specific protection at a cost this low! Revolutionary single layer material repels water and dirt, but remains breathable. Elasticized hem and mirror pockets round this cover out to be one of the finest, budget-priced covers ever made. Includes a FREE Storage Bag.

SoftShield only $119


Get the best of both worlds with the SoftShield Car Cover from Corvette America. The SoftShield Cover combines the outdoor protection of the MaxTech Car Cover with the paint pampering qualities of our Premium Flannel Cover.

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