Corvette Seats & Seat Covers

Worn and torn seats can be unsightly and greatly detract from the value of your Corvette's interior, as well as your car's overall appearance. We offer all of the hardware and components to rebuild them, and we also manufacture some of the world's finest Corvette Seat Covers and Foams right here at our manufacturing facility in Reedsville, PA.

For nearly three decades Corvette America has specialized in manufacturing Corvette interior components. As a result, you'll find world-class craftsmanship in every Corvette America product. Our ongoing research, development and manufacturing experience guarantees that you get absolutely correct original color, texture, grain and fit. We focus on the details so you can count on all your Corvette America interior components to fit right, feel right, look right and match one another perfectly.

Corvette Seat Covers

Whether you're looking for exact reproductions, 100% leather, leather-like or our affordable Driver option — Corvette America offers all original colors and styles for 1956-2012 Corvettes.


Corvette America's Seat Cover Installation Videos

Corvette America's latest project, this library of instructional and informational videos is filmed just for you. Now playing: 1961-62, 1963-64, 1965-67 & 1970-75. Admission is free.


Corvette Seat Foam

Corvette America's Seat Foam has the correct feel, density and size. Each set contains two backs and two bottoms.


Corvette Seat Hardware

Backs, belts, & buckets — we've got the hardware components you need to bring your Corvette's seats back to life. From the highly visible, like C2 side chromes, to the almost invisible, like refurbished seat tracks — we truly offer it all.