Gift Registry Owner's Manual

Want to make it easy for friends and loved ones to give you great Corvette stuff?

The Corvette America Gift Registry is your answer.

Great For Any Occasion - Or No Occasion!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or just want folks to know what you'd like, the registry makes it simple to get the word out to them -- and even simpler for them to get it for you.

Accessing Registry Features

The Gift Registry Center has links to all registry management features. You will find a link to the Center on Your Account page.

Visit the Gift Registry Center

Setting Up Your Registry Is a Snap

The first step is to create your gift registry.

This will cause several things to happen:

  • The Gift Registry Center page will display a link to your Registry settings.
  • Product display pages will have an 'Add to Registry' link so you can easily add items.
  • The Shopping Cart page will include a Gift Registry section.

Create a Registry Now

Registry Settings

Change your settings on the Your Gift Registry page. You can find a link to this page in the Gift Registry Center. The following settings are available:

  • Registry Status: this controls whether your registry is visible to the public. When you first create a registry its status is Disabled, so no one will see it. Set the status to Enabled to make it visible. You can use this to turn your gift registry 'on' or 'off' for others.
  • Registry Name: You can put anything here, for example, Dave's Birthday, or Joe and Elise's Wedding, or My Dream Parts. You must enter a name to make your registry visible to others.
  • Event Date: If your gift registry is tied to an event like a birthday or anniversary, enter an actual date in m/d/yy format. However, you can leave this blank, or enter something else, like 'Anytime.'
  • Access Code: If you want to limit visibility to your Gift Registry, enter an access code. Your friends and family must enter the code before they can see the registry.

Adding Items To Your Registry

You can add items to your registry in two ways:

  • Use the Registry Settings Page. You can enter several part numbers and quantities at a time.
  • Browse the catalog. Once you create a registry (even if it is not visible), product display pages will include an additional Add to Registry link.

Adding Items on the Registry Settings Page

Use the form on this page to enter part numbers, and the desired quantities. You can add up to five parts at a time.

Note the '# Received' field. This keeps track of how many items have been ordered by users from your gift registry. This field starts off at 0 and is updated automatically. when the # Received is greater than or equal to the # Wanted, the item will no longer be visible to others.

Adding Items from the Catalog

Simply click the Add to Registry link instead of Add to Cart. The item will be added to your gift registry with a quantity of 1.

Managing Your Gift Registry Items

Use the Registry Settings page or the Shopping Cart page to remove items in your Gift Registry, or change the # Wanted.

You can also change the # Received value (but only on the Registry Settings page). This value is normally updated automatically, but you can change it yourself. For example you may decide you want more of an item than you originally thought.

Removing Your Registry

If you no longer want to maintain a Gift Registry, click the Remove Gift Registry link on the Registry Settings page. This will clear all settings and items, and will remove the Gift Registry information from the Shopping Cart and product display pages.

If you don't want others to see your Gift Registry, you can disable it. This will preserve your settings and items.

How Your Friends and Family Will use Your Gift Registry

Users must have accounts to locate and use Gift Registries. Logged-in users can use the Find Registry link on their Account page to search for registries by state or name.

Once a user locates your registry, he or she can 'select' it by clicking a link. From then on, your gift registry will be 'active' for the user. A Gift Registry status box will appear on all pages of the site so they can easily view the registry items. Also, items in your registry will be highlighted when users view them in the catalog.

Users order items in your gift registry just as they would order any part. At checkout time, the site will offer the user your shipping address, and a field for entering a gift message if they choose.

When the order completes, the site will update the # Received values in your Gift Registry.

Create a Registry Now

Go To the Gift Registry Center