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One-Man Brake Bleeder Bottle with Magnet for Corvette

One-Man Brake Bleeder Bottle with Magnet for Corvette
Bleed brakes without a helper!

This bleeder bottle has a built-in one-way valve to let air and fluid out, but nothing back in. Simply connect the tubing to your bleeder screw and open the bleeder. When you press the pedal, old fluid and air will flow into the bottle. When you release pedal pressure, the one-way valve closes, preventing the old fluid from being sucked back into the caliper.

An extra nipple on the top gives you a place to park the tubing. Any brake fluid left in the tubing will drain back into the bottle, making the job much less messy and preventing damage to painted surfaces. The nipple also vents the bottle so you don't have to loosen the cap and risk spilling fluid. A magnet on the side makes it easy to hang the bottle from any steel or cast iron part -- even the brake caliper!

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Corvette Brake Bleeder Bottle W/Magnet EA $23.99 Add to Cart